Baristto 3.0 Cold Sparkling Water Maker

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Indulge in the fizz of homemade sparkling water with a Baristto 3.0 Soda Maker and cooler, ditching sugary commercial sodas for a healthier, eco-friendly alternative. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to crisp, refreshing bubbles infused with natural flavors. With instant convenience and guilt-free indulgence, embracing the fizz isn't just a choice – it's a lifestyle.




Perfectly Chilled Sparkling Water: Enjoy the crispness of cold soda water with temperatures between 6 and 8°C (42.8 and 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit) with our sparkling water maker. Improved refreshment with more noticeable bubbles that awaken your palate.

Intelligent Real-time LED Monitor: Make sure every batch is precisely prepared while reducing CO2 waste by keeping track of the water temperature and carbonated water content with this carbonated water maker's LED monitor.

54 oz Water Tank: You can make numerous servings of soda at once with our large-capacity water tank, perfect for minimizing disruptions at home, at parties, or in professional settings with our soda water maker.

Instant Gratification: Just touch the rocker to see your water fizz and pour, and it's easy to use with one hand. Have a glass of cool soda water whenever you want in just a few seconds with our fizzy water maker.

Eco-Friendly and Healthier: Bid farewell to added sugar and dangerous ingredients in store-bought sodas with our carbonated soda maker. By producing up to 60L of delightful sparkling water, each carbonating cylinder can replace 120 single-use plastic bottles. Enjoy guilt-free homemade effervescent cocktails while reducing plastic waste with our machine for carbonated water.



Housing Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel.
Function:    Soda Cooler Maker.
CO2 cylinder Type:    60L.
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 17*11*17 Inch.



1* Baristto 3.0 Sparkling Water Maker Cooler.

CO2 Cylinder ( not included)



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I like the flexibility of this machine

This machine means much greater flexibility in mixing your own flavors and using other products and your own utensils

Pros: Uses any 60L threaded CO2 canister on the market, even those from the other "soda" competitor. I personally went with Soda Sense, since everyone I know with that other "soda" machine has had issues finding/exchanging canisters at places where the convenient ones are always out and the inconvenient ones are well, inconvenient. This did not come with a canister, likely to free it up from shipping restrictions.

Only makes a glass of fizzy water at a time. I don't have to invest in a menagerie of special plastic bottles in order to have flavored fizzy water.

The freedom to choose whatever flavor you want. I most certainly can use other brands flavors, and I can make them as little or deeply flavored as I want. My mom likes fruit infused flavors but specifically of fizzy water, so I got her the Bubly flavoring and stuck it in a bottle with a dropper, so she can control how much flavor she has. I have toyed with the idea of making my own soda syrups in the past, and now I can actually do that.

The machine itself has a large tank. It has a cooler in it which supercools water to 6C (around 42F). The tank is spacious, but as there's not currently a way to take it apart, using filtered water is going to be your friend. I use the water from my fridge, since it forces me to change the filter every 6 months. You press a button to add this cooled water into a holding tank on the outside.

The handle that adds fizz to the machine has satisfying tension, since it's pushing the valve to open the CO2. It feels sturdy and you have a good idea what it's doing.

The display shows you how much fizz you are adding, however, it only takes a few seconds and you're done!

There is a little lever you press to release the fizzy water. This is something I'm concerned about, because it's plastic and it feels like it would be far too easy to break off.

Overall I like the machine and like that I won't have to purchase cans or bottles of fruit-flavored water anymore for my Mom. This allows me to make drinks for myself out of ingredients I have onhand instead of having to add something to the shopping list (like sparkling water, which I just don't keep onhand) and be able to experiment in the moment.

Whats most important to me

Performance, charge one glass at a time

Finally COLD Soda!!!

Make sure you read the instructions.
Was upset about the soda stream and having to wait and put it in the fridge to chill or have already chilled water to use. This makes it so much easier. It works as described and my daughter loves using it.

Great way to make soda water

So great to make a cold chilling glass of soda water. A lot cheaper than buying cans if you drink a lot of soda water. It works great and I drink a LOT of soda water!

Great tasting sparkling water

The water is very cool and tastes great when it comes out. Anyone that wants an endless supply sparkling water should definitely buy this.
Couple of cons. It is a little loud. There are two fans on the back and you can hear them if your house is very quiet like mine. Takes a little bit for the water to come out. The two-step process of filling the water container and then adding CO2 is not great but works pretty well.
When you're adding CO2, be sure not to overfill (stick to the 3 seconds they recommend). It just wastes CO2 and you'll go through your container quickly.

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